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Furniture Repair Jobs That Should Be Given To Experts

You must have searched “how to repair furniture?” or “How to reupholster furniture?” in the internet before. The result, obviously, was a page with links to DIY articles.

You see, the internet is full of DIYs and How-To articles which aren’t at all useful for you. At times, they might come handy, but when it comes to furniture restoration, you better call an expert.

One important thing to understand here is that most of the DIY articles you find aren’t written by experts. So, don’t let the simple and easy illustrated instructions in the internet fool you.

Just because you have read a few good articles and you have the tools to handle a restoration project doesn’t really mean that you should start repairing furniture. What you should realize is that even the expert I-can-do-it-myself don not have the same training, skill, tools or experience as true craftsmen. Overall, they do not have the caliber to match a professional.

Mitchell Kohanek, Instructor of Wood Finishing Technology at The National Institute of Wood Finishing, compares the work done by an expert versus a DIYer to an essay written by an English graduate verses a high school student.

If it takes Kohanek nine months to prepare somebody for a professional in furniture restoration, how can you restore your furniture just by reading articles?

Here is the list of four different furniture restoration projects that you should assign professional craftsmen.

Wood Furniture

It’s not unusual for amateurs to make mistakes and destroy their wood furniture in their attempt to repair it. They are a lot of areas where you can go wrong, no matter how many times read the instructions available in the internet. You must correctly identify the type of wood used in your furniture, its colors, type of finish and more, which are so vaguely mentioned in the DIY articles that you will not find the right restoration technique.

Moreover, you should be physically strong, should have right gears used in restoration and a well-managed storage space if your project cannot be completed in a few days.

Experts suggest that you should not handle wood furniture restoration project that requires heavy lifting, upholstery removal or carvings.

Ornate Carved Furniture

When it comes to restoring ornate carved furniture or complex carvings, you project can be more challenging and time consuming as well. Even a slight mistake while you are working on ornate means that you have damaged the design of your furniture.

Kohanek says that the knowledge of organic chemistry and expertise in wood working and finishing results in accurate restoration.

Upholstered Gems

If the upholstery of your furniture is expensive, hiring an expert for the job is a best idea rather than trying to restore it yourself. You do not want to compromise on the design or the value of your upholstery, do you?

The upholstery restoration process is often difficult, lengthy and tiring. With steps that cannot be managed by amateurs like stripping old upholstery, repairing frames, replacing cushion fillings, trimmings and many more, you may not even make half way through the process.

Sometimes, it takes more than a day to just to reupholster a chair. Furthermore, you may need expensive tools for the job, which might not be practical or possible for you to rent or purchase.

Antique and Expensive Items

One-of-a-kind furniture should be restored, repaired or reupholsterd by a professional. You do not want to risk the furniture which was purchased 100 years back, do you?

Expensive furniture are costly for some reasons, may be their striking design, quality of materials. The restoration is going to be costly as well. And the mistakes too. Consequences of an undoable mistake can be thousands of dollars.

Why risk the money when a professional craftsman in NYC is just a click away from you?

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