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Decorative Beddings and Pillows

At Mastercrafts Upholstery, we carry a wide range of bed sheets, comforters, blankets, pillows, bed skirts and duvets for all sizes of beds.

Bedding includes all linens items to protect the mattress and provide warmth to sleepers. Besides, it is used to decorate the bed, providing a theme and add to the style of the sleep set and bedroom. Just like beds and mattresses, bedding comes in twin, twin extra long, double, queen, and King and California king sizes.

Decorative Pillows are for multiple purposes. They likely have fancy cover material which decorates the room where you keep them. When used to decorate a fully made up bed, decorative pillows are likely thrown aside at bedtime, and are primarily there for decoration, hence they fall under this category. Decorative pillows are also found on furnishings in more public parts of the home, such as sofas, chairs and window seats.

Benefits of decorative beddings and pillows

Decorative bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets are a great way to add that extra something special to your furniture. Why buy brand new items when simple cover, bed sheets or blankets can compensate for missing design or style of your antique items.

Decorative pillow cover comes with numerous benefits. You can select the best design of fabric from a wide range of options. And if your taste changes over time, you can easily switch to something new without having to spend much on pillows.

Depending on the theme or overall design of your interior, you can personalize the style of the fabric.