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Mastercrafts Auto Upholstery, NYC

When your car gets worn, torn and ripped, you know who to call. Mastercrafts brings you a pristine life into your comfortable, designed by upgrading every damaged fragment of your auto. We are dedicated to provide outstanding vehicle upholstery and exceptional re-upholstery in entire New York.

We provide a variety of services for all vehicles makes and models. At Mastercrafts Auto Upholstery NYC, you can always count on quality and competitive repair, replace and specialization. Your same old car can turn into a new, improved and luxurious look. When it comes to custom work, we have all what you want undoubtedly.

For those who desire to have a new look for the components of car, choose us for the best maintenance service. We give you multiple choices of stylish and sophisticated parts to swap your interior carpets, seats, headliners, tops, vinyl roof covers, dashboards and door panels. Our team assures to furnish with high standard fabrics and takes a good care of your vehicle.

We are pleased to present our Auto Upholstery services

Interior Carpets

Our experienced technicians can help to customize automotive carpet which is extremely durable and stain resistant.


Depending on fabric, vinyl or leather, seats will be care and mended by our installers.


If you find the headliners of your car sagging, rippled or loosed, our services will give you right maintenance.


We can even cover up the damages seen in interior and give it a good change on the noticeable parts of your car.

Door Panels

Get your door panels fixed from the damages. You can make a change if you want it to look brand new.

Convertible Tops and Vinyl roof covers

Our excellent installers can repair or restore convertible top fabric and frames as well as vinyl, canvas roof covers as per your wish.

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You can always remember us for our complete auto upholstery service for all types of vehicles you want to care and repair. We serve NYC, Long Island, Brooklyn and surrounding areas.

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