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Reupholstery refers to stripping the piece down to its wood frame, making any repairs as needed, and then upholstering with all new materials, Here at Mastercrafts custom Upholstery provides the best possible ways to bring the shine out of your furniture, carpet, drapery, any leather related products such as a leather sofa. We may entirely decorate all the walls in the house by changing the wallpapers. We cover all the upholstery needs in any household or commercial sector such as filling, stuffing, padding, cushioning, covering, or adding new covers to furniture, change of fabrics, furnishing to update or change looks, furniture, and material modification, good upholstered products, wonderful floorcoverings, upholster any furniture, carpeting, re-upholstery of furniture or bed or other household goods, furnishing to enhance greater looks, change the floor covering, add beautiful flooring, to modify the looks of any furniture by stuffing and padding or even changing the beautiful and trendy fabrics on it. We are heartily committed to the refined looks of interiors inside as well as the layered beauty of any furniture is more defined. After our upholstery service, we promise to deliver elevated and eclectic looks after the job is done quickly and budget-friendly with our local craftsmen in Mastercrafts Custom Upholstery service.

Upholstery and Re-upholstery in NYC

Furniture Re-Upholstery in NYCIf you still appreciate your furniture for its design and comfort, why buy a new one to replace it? Buying new furniture to replace old ones is not always the best idea. Better, get it reupholstered.

Reupholstering can be considerably cheaper than buying new furniture, especially when you are looking for superior brands. Not only the money, but you will also have to go through all the hassle of redefining your needs and re-evaluating your alternatives.

At Mastercrafts Upholstery in NYC, we will breathe a new life into your comfortable, quality furniture so that you can hold on to those sweet memories without having to find a new piece to fit your living space. Our network of topmost fabric suppliers allows us to offer a wide range of highly durable and high-standard fabrics customized to meet all your requirements.

Why us for upholstery in NYC?

  • All our upholstery services come at a very reasonable price. Not to mention we have a very Quick service in all our projects undertaken by local craftsmen, who are fully experienced in design and technical expertise. We have abundant materials from the top fabric suppliers such as follows:-
    And more
  • Bring your furniture to us and we’ll restore it to like- a new condition in no time. We also specialize in restoring antique furniture, including both decorative antiques and antique furniture.

Our years of design and technical experience in both, home furniture and commercial re-upholstery, will inspire and assist you in making the absolute perfect choices. Whether it’s for a single room or an entire development, our talented crew can offer innovative suggestions and advice.

We specialize in providing furniture re-upholstery service in NYC. Starting from a very simple chair or sofa to a complete renovation including window treatment or wall upholster, we can do it all.

We will work with you to choose the perfect fabrics to renew your beloved furniture items. We can completely change the look of a thrift store find or of an heirloom that has been in your family for generations.

Besides this, we also excel in furniture repair, antique restoration, furniture refinishing, and furniture design.

Our Upholstery service in New York City includes:

  • Vintage and antique furniture restoration
  • Reupholster Antique furniture
  • Furniture frame repair
  • Reupholster home and commercial furniture
  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Window Treatment

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