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Furniture Repair & Restoration NYC

It’s not just the damaged upholstery that induces you to replace your favorite furniture piece. Be it a broken leg, missing castors, distorted wooden rails, or a damaged frame, you will be tempted to buy whole new furniture. The good news is you need not replace your favorite furniture piece anymore. Any of your wooden appliances can be easily repaired and restored.

We, at Mastercrafts Furniture Repair & Restoration NYC, have revived many antique appliances through years of experience, dedication and a top-level craftsmanship. If your favorite furniture needs to be repaired, allow us, and we’ll turn your piece new back again.

Furniture Spring repair and adjustment in NYC

One of the most common problems in sofa seats is its broken or stretched spring. After several years of use, large coil or spring units tends to droop. Do not let this sole reason instigate you to replace your existing sofa. Mastercrafts Upholstery can restore, re-set, or refit zigzag springs and make your sofa as comfortable as it was before.

Antique Furniture Repair NYC

Unlike new furniture, where simple surface cleaning or fixing a missing part is enough, antique appliances demand more attention and skill. Since your masterpiece requires a complete transformation, doing it yourself is not a very good idea. We stand ready to restore or repair any of your antiques – even the ones you’ve given up on.

Furniture Frame Restoration New York

Framework is the most important part of your appliance. Of course, the style, design, class of wood and upholstery are important, but if the frame falls, your furniture will be totally useless.

Repairing and restoring frame is not only time consuming, but is hard to do yourself. Since each piece of your frame requires different treatment, a furniture frame repair project will require special skills, tools and equipments. Mastercrafts Upholstery stands ready to take care of it all.