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Why should I reupholster furniture?

When you furniture still has a good frame and can last for few more years, you do not need to replace it. Reupholstering your furniture is the best alternative to buying a new one. It not only helps you save money but also saves a lot of your time that you will spend for purchasing new furniture.

5 benefits of reupholstering

Reviving memories

Nobody likes selling or throwing an old sofa that has been in the house for years. You may have a lot of sweet memories with your grandparents in that sofa when they used to read bedtime stories for you. Just because it has worn a little, doesn’t mean that you should throw it away. Reupholstering will make it new back again.

Upgrading the design

When you still love your furnishing, you do not want to sell it but the old fabric is not looking good on it, the best solution is to reupholster for an updated design.

Quality and strength

50 years ago, furniture used to be a solid piece of art. The quality of wood used to be outstanding. Nowadays, they don’t make furniture like they did before. With very low standard wood, they don’t even last a couple of years. Replacing it because of a loose spring or a broken leg is a mistake; especially when there are people who can make them new back again.

Save time and money

Buying new furniture costs a lot more than reupholstering it. Things might get real expensive when you want a reputed, high standard brand. And remember all the hassle you will go through while purchasing furniture. The time you need to sort what exactly you need, find the alternative, evaluate them and finally take a decision whether to purchase or not is really overwhelming.


The best part of reupholstering is that you can add a personal touch to your furniture. You can customize or select a color, cushion or fabric that inspires you the most.

7 thoughts on “Why should I reupholster furniture?

  1. I like how you said that doing some furniture reupholstering will help to make sentimental pieces like new. We have a big lean back chair that was my father’s favorite before he passed away that is getting really worn down. I’m glad that I read this article though because it’s given me an idea to keep it around by just replacing the outer fabric! I wonder if there are any places nearby that could do it for me.

  2. I like how you discuss that furniture back then was made to be very solid and last a good long while. My husband’s aunt just gifted us with a chair that doesn’t have the best fabric, so we’ve been debating whether we should reupholster it or just sell it. Now that I know that the chair should be able to last a long time since it was built a while ago, I’ll be sure to look into nearby furniture re-upholstery services.

  3. I like how you point out that you will be able to customize your furniture by reupholstering it with a color or fabric that really matches your interests. My husband and I received some old antique couches from his aunt and we haven’t been sure if we should just get rid of them or attempt to do something with them. We will definitely be reupholstering the furniture since we’ll be able to put our own unique style into it while still keeping the original shape of the couches.

  4. I like how you pointed out that reupholstering can save you money. It makes sense since you mention that new furniture will usually cost a lot more. I have a couple of couches I was thinking of replacing, but maybe I’ll just get them reupholstered instead.

    1. Well, its a personal preference Earnest. Some people have attachments with their furniture. And some people like to save cost. Anyway thank you so much for your comment.

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