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Best Tips for Cleaning Car Upholstery


What does your car demand? A little bit of extra care to give an upscale appearance for a longer term. Maybe more concern from coffee, ice-cream, cold drinks and other things that usually help in spoiling its interior. And maybe even more care of those sweaty socks and muddy shoes you left in its carpet.

Well yes, just like your home, you need to preserve the value of your car. So better take care of your second home on wheels with these amazing tips and tricks for cleaning car upholstery.

How to Clean Car Upholstery Seats

The most crucial procedure to thoroughly clean the interiors of your car is making the best use of automobile vacuum cleaners. If you want to brighten a fading carpet, you need to vacuum, and then use a sponge mop to apply a mixture of half cup clear ammonia to one pint of water. You need to test this mixture on a distinct area of carpeting first.

If your vehicle seats and carpets seem to show excessive wear and tear, then vacuum them thoroughly. This will help to lift the fibers back upright and counteract the long-term ill effects of the dirt that has been pounded into it.

However, if you want to have a deep thoroughly clean auto seat or even repair your auto upholstery, you can employ the specialist providers for the exact same. The specialists have the knowledge to make your crappy car seats and other parts look new again.

Fortunately, there’s a way to start. Keep a record on a weekly or a monthly interior-maintenance reminder on your phone.

Weekly Routine for the Interior

  • Be it leather, vinyl or plastic; wipe down every surface with a damp cloth.
  • Pull out your floor mats and shake it off the dirt and debris.
  • Wipe down your door panels with a damp towel.
  • Wipe down your windows and your rear view mirrors with a glass cleaner.

Monthly Routine for the Interior

  • Vacuum the interior seats, carpets, seat consoles, and crevices.
  • Clean the interior mirrors and the rearview glasses with a glass cleaner.
  • Use a vinyl protectant to the console and tops of the door panels (areas that are exposed to direct sunlight).
  • Protect all rubber doors and hood seals.

How to Clean Car Upholstery Stains

Long road trips can have you sitting in those bulky seats for hours and hours, and these are the times when your seats and other interior parts can start to get a little lifeless. Smudges and scratches can leave you wondering what happened to that flawless interior you had when you first bought the car!

– Sprinkle some cool water and blot with paper towels website or clean rags. If the coffee stain still remains, spray it with a glass cleaner. A mixture of liquid detergent and water can also be used to remove the stain.

– If your seats got some annoying gasoline staining, then a mixture of liquid detergent with water would be the best solution.

– Use hair spray on the pen ink stains on carpeting or upholstery. You can even shower a small amount of salt to lift the stain out of the carpet.

– Carsickness stains stinks! Use club soda or a mixture of baking soda and water. You better be quick!

– Blood stains, whether from an animal or a human, should be covered right away with a paste made up of dry laundry starch and cold water. Don’t use hot water, as it will set the stain forever in your car.

– Got marks of lipstick? Use toothpaste on the spot.

– Sprinkle dish washing detergent solution on the area where you find mud stain. Then rinse with cold water if the stain persists.

– Use foam cleaner to get rid of water stains. Work it gently into the upholstery and wipe away the foam with a dry towel.

– Baking soda can help you to get rid of stains triggered by acids.

-Though you should never drink and drive, if alcohol spills while you are in your car, dilute it with cold water so they won’t permanently change the color.

– Remove the greasy stains by applying paint thinner with 100-percent cotton cloth. Cover the stain with salt until the grease is completely absorbed.

– For general upholstery stains, get a mixture of hot water, a generous amount of dish detergent and a cup of white vinegar.

Some More Tips on Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

– Clean your vinyl seats with baking soda on a damp rag. Rinse with liquid detergent and water blend.

– If your carpet begins to smell, sprinkle a small amount of Borax powder generously, then let it sit for an hour before you vacuum it.

– Are those carpet edges starting to fray? Paint carpet seams and edges with a liquid resin to hold the fibers in the spot.

– Keep your car mats looking brand new by waxing them with a liquid shoe wax polish. This will make them easier to rinse clean.

– Let there be unused brushes to wipe off the mud gathered on upholstery. A normal-bristled brush can be a great option for normal maintenance of your car interiors.

– If you have leathered upholstered seats, then it’s best to apply leather-based treatment to avoid it from shedding shine.

– Use fabric guards to maintain the filth and spots away from your car upholstery.

– Finally, it is a good idea to take your automobile for a visit to the auto upholstery maintenance stores, exactly where the professionals can give the best technique to revive the looks of your automobile interior.

Always keep in mind that your car needs extra attention and proper maintenance otherwise it will get cracks and look dreadful. Make your rules. Tell your family not to enter the car with dirty sneakers or even dirty high heels! To give it more appealing looks, you can polish them and keep it damage-free. You can also customize your car’s seat cover. That way, you will give your car interior a touch of your personal touch and also a feeling of satisfaction.

If you aren’t, somehow, one of those DIY people, take a look at this list of auto upholstery projects that you should hand over to professionals:

– If you find the headliners of your beloved car sagging or ripples, you should give it right away to the pros!

– If you see some minor or even major damages in the dashboards of your vehicle and want to give a good change on the noticeable parts, then say yes to the pros!

– Even if you are okay with slightly broken car roof covers, you should really go for pros.

– And if you want to repair or restore any of your car’s upholstery parts, then call the pros.

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