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Should I Reupholster It?

Final Sofa


Maybe you read somewhere that “reupholstering is so much better than buying new furniture.” That might have got you excited to reupholster the sofa sitting in your living room and finally having your own color-matching furniture.


Just because you think reupholstering might save you some money doesn’t mean it is right. There are certain things you should look into before you decide to reupholster your furniture. If the ideas below match with your situation, then reupholstering is certainly a good choice.

If it is a family heirloom or has sentimental value

Perhaps you grew up listening to your grandma’s stories on that very chair and you do not want to just dump it somewhere and say goodbye to all your memories. If a piece of furniture has been in your family for a long time and has a sentimental value for you, you might not want to let it go. Some things really are irreplaceable and you definitely want to reupholster them.

If it is an antique piece of furniture

Something about old furniture always makes them better. With all sorts of compound substitutes coming up, real wood is very hard to find on furniture nowadays. Even if you are certain that your piece is really old and you are about to throw it away because of its moldy seats, you might want to think again.

Anything that lasts for more than 15-20 years will last a really long time.

Reupholstering is a good idea for antique pieces and can bring it back in all its glory!

If it has a strong frame

You have to understand that reupholstering is a rigorous process. It is taking apart a piece of furniture and putting it back again which is why you want the frame to be sturdy. Any signs of shakiness, flakiness or crumbling indicate a bad, weak frame. Furniture made out of wood is long-lasting and appropriate for reupholstering.

If it is going to cost you less than buying new furniture

If your furniture is of high quality and reupholstering would cost you less than replacing it, reupholstering is a good idea. You might want to ask for quotes from various reupholstering companies and compare prices before you decide on one.