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Applications of different living room furniture

When it comes to living room decoration, you definitely can’t miss the furniture. Furniture defines your drawing room, as it occupies a large part of it.

There are several types of furniture, each of which performs a specific function. However, if you wish for a more personalized living room, you can always modify their uses, and have more options in the room. Some of the basic types of furniture used in the drawing room and their applications are illustrated here.

  1. Common chairs

Numerous choices of chairs are available in the market. You can have several types in your room. You can use basic wooden chairs or wing chairs, slipper chairs or any other occasional chairs in your room.

  1. Sofas

There are many designs of sofas out there. You can have Sectional sofas, Camel backs, Bridgewater, Lawson-style sofas, or the English sofas according to the type of lounge, for a more comfortable sitting.

  1. Tables

There are many choices available in tables as well. There are sofa tables, drop-leaf tables, end tables, storage tables and many more. You can use a big one as a display table. Small coffee tables can be used to divide the space in your room. Use different sizes of tables in the room.

  1. Shelves

You don’t want your living room to look messy, do you? Keep your magazines and books in shelves so that your room can look neat and tidy. You can use various book cases and free standing shelves. Small figurines can also be used as display here.

  1. Storages/Cabinets

Looking for the space to store all your favorite things? You need not choose between your favorite books and that pretty vase. From your souvenirs and merchandises to the fancy glasses and toys, you can keep them all in your cabinet.

  1. Racks

Racks can be used for several purposes. You can use them to hold your books and magazines, to keep your shoes, or to place your TV. With a little setting up, you can also use it as a wine keeper.

  1. Standing Lamps

The use of lamp adds an effective detail in your living room. Choose one with matching color and model that complement the overall setting, and what you get is more than just light.

  1. Rugs/Carpets

You can lay the rugs down on the floor, or may even use the very soft ones on top of a lounge. As an alternative, you may also hang a unique rug as an accessory in your drawing room.

  1. Entertainment set

You may have television set or other such electronics in your sitting room. They can be the focal point in your living room, if you do not have one yet.

  1. Game set

Game set can be placed in your room in alternative ways. You can place them on the tables or hang them on the wall. They can be used for decoration or even to separate the space in a room.

You can explore much more on the living room furniture. With a little creativity, your room can look more interesting. You can always think out of the box and modify the uses of the furniture. Now, take a look at your living room and see what can be done to make it look more inviting and comfy. Get started!