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Tips for choosing Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery fabrics are part of what makes your home’s interior look attractive. They are the most visible sign of quality and style. Some aspects of choosing the upholstery fabric might seem pretty obvious. However, before selecting the fabric for your upholstered piece, here are few of the factors that are to be taken into account.

1.    Fabric Durability

Durability of the fabric is what defines the quality and longevity of the piece of furniture. Sometimes durability is an issue and sometimes it isn’t, as the furniture within the same room might have different requirements and purposes. But for most of the places and purposes, durable fabric is not only helpful, but is vital, particularly if the furniture is placed in a high-traffic area.

·         Furniture in public and hightraffic areas are prone to heavy wear, so durability is the most important factor to be considered, while selecting the right fabric for your piece.

·         If your pets will be sharing the sofa, consider a microfiber fabric, as it can withstand heavy use, else, leather can also be a good choice.

·         Woven patterns hold up longer than the printed ones, so does the higher thread counts, and tighter weaves.

2.    Fabric Style

Select the fabric that holds on to the style of your room and the interiors. Also, you need to take into account the style of your piece of furniture while deciding the fabric.

·         The fabric should complement the style and character of the piece it is covering. For a traditional style of frame, a similar traditional fabric would go better. However, you can always merge two or more styles together, if you have more of an adventurous sense of style.

·         Go with the fabric that best suits the theme that you’ve established throughout your home. Choose a fabric that echoes with the overall style of your interiors. Various fabrics are available in the market- some that appear casual, others look formal.

·         Look out the scale of pattern. Select a size that is just appropriate to the size of furniture. A large and bold pattern might look better in a larger room, while smaller and muted pattern might work better in a comparatively smaller space.

3.    Fabric Color

Color is what people look for before making any choices regarding the fabric of upholstery. Color has the strongest impact on this site and is the first thing we see while making a selection. Make sure you choose a color that you can live with for a long time.

·         Try to avoid a very bold fabric color for a smaller room, especially when your sofa is large.

·         Avoid light and delicately colored fabrics if you have children and pets.

·         The trends of color come and go. So, unless you happen to really like those trendy colors, try to avoid them. Choose a timeless, perpetual, and enduring color, the popularity of which won’t wane in the near future.

4.    Special Considerations

There are various other factors that you should consider before making a selection.

·         If you intend to make it the centerpiece in your living room, choosing a delicate fabric is not a good option.

·         Are there any pets in our home who share the furniture with you? If so, avoid using delicate fabrics such as silk, or others with a lot of textures.

·         If your furniture is placed in a room that gets a lot of sun, or is placed near the window, choose a fabric that is fade resistant.

·         If there is any dampness in the area you’ve placed your furniture, or if you live in a humid climate that fosters mildew, look for the fabric that is mildew resistant.

·         If you or any of your family members are prone to allergies, then consider using fabrics like microfiber, as they do not attract dust.

If you need to re-upholster your furniture,  contact a reliable Furniture Re-upholstery Service.