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8 Cool Ways To Beautify Your Bedroom

Are you looking forward to change the story of your nondescript bedroom? Go through these cool decorating ideas and create a dreamy space that will look fresh and stylish for years to come.

 Just like any other thing, it starts with cleaning:

I know, this is the worst part of any decoration. But you cannot expect a fresh room without clearing out your dust bunnies, clutter or other unpleasant glimpses. Starting up with a vacuum cleaner will save you from a possible headache down the road.

Cleaning chore is not as boring as it seems to be:

You don’t have to follow the typical steps while cleaning your bedroom. Open your blinds or curtains and let natural light pass in. This will keep your spirits high and provide some energy.

Before you begin, create a nice playlist that gets you pumped. Peppy numbers with faster beat will help in ramping up for your cleaning project. If you are not a music freak, you may try out some engaging podcast.

Though it might sound a bit childish, fix a reward for yourself. I mean, decide what interesting thing you are going to do after finishing the work.

It can be hanging out with your besties, heading to theatres, or baking some scrumptious food items. Make the reward tempting enough, so that you will be motivated throughout the cleaning process.


Think about the theme:

You can find a gamut of themes for your bedroom. It can be girlish, tomboy, sport based, music-enthusiast, safari, just to mention a few. And, you don’t have to follow the theme too seriously. Sometimes, mixing and matching different themes won’t harm. But whatever your theme is, make sure it goes well with your personality.


Get rid of unnecessary items

As minimalism has arrived in today’s home décor, try to live a simple life with less stuff. Owing fewer possessions means you will have less to clean, less debt, less to organize and more energy for your greatest passions. Even though many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of de-cluttering, there are some really creative and fun ways to get started.  Here are some of them:

Stop Procrastination:

“Later” – get rid of this word. The moment you use this word, you start accumulating clutter.

Think small:

Don’t be over ambitious! Instead, think about cleaning one box of clutter a day. Or set certain time for it, say 10 minutes, and only work on that particular time period.


You are not throwing your money down the drain by donating your possessions. I know, it can get emotional most of the time. But the thing is, you are wasting your good space by storing un-necessary items. The same space could be utilized for storing something more important. Better, donate it to a good cause.

By the way, stop purchasing so much stuff!

Don’t feel emotionally blocked

Let go of guilt. Stop holding the “remembrance” from parents who have passed away. Or, that stupid “written cup” from your Ex, who had dumped you a few years back. You can’t keep everything, and most importantly, keeping these items won’t bring the people back.

Less is more:

This is just a concept but can come really effective. You may feel that everything is important, but when you come to think about it, nothing may be as important after all.

Don’t let kids ruin your space:

You can’t scold your kids or instruct them to organize their stuff. They are kids for a reason. However, you can set limits for the amount of space to dedicate to kid items, such as clothes, Lego, and the like. You are the parent, set the tone!


Take down wall decorations and curtains

For instance, you can remove picture frames, clocks or any nails you have driven into the wall. I am not saying toss them out. You can keep them as a backup. For some time, it’s good to give your room a clean slate. It will help in deciding what to do.


Utilize your space:

If you have a standard size bedroom, you certainly don’t have a big space to work with. However, you can simply adjust your furniture, or rearrange the items to make your room look spacious.

First off, gauge the space. Measure the room and figure out how much space is available to work with.

Then, think about the highlight of the room. Say, a good piece of furniture can serve as a focal point to the room, if it is angled properly in the room.

Similarly, you can consider adding some artwork or photos to enhance the visual appearance. If possible, try to get items that can be fixed on walls as they will not eat up your valuable space.

Likewise, you can make your room stand out by keeping a brightly colored rug. For most bedrooms, a 4×6 rug works perfectly.

Try to designate new roles for your furniture. Say, bookseller tables can double as bookshelves and bed stands.


Be stylish!

Your room reflects your personality and tells people who you actually are. So, what message would you want to give them about yourself, through your room? Obviously, you want it to be stylish and aesthetically enticing.

Think about the color, or wallpaper:

You don’t want your room to be so bright that it gives you a headache, or so dark that it makes your life gloomy. Opt for the colors that have a calming effect.  You can introduce pops of different colors throughout your room or make the room saturated with a specific color.


Don’t miss out the patterns:

Put some patterns to work. An elegantly printed bedspread makes your room stand out giving it some added flair.

When you decorate your room, do it with consistency. Having good items may not be enough; you need to match them properly. An ideal approach would be sticking with your basic theme throughout the decorating process.


Make it comfy!

This one is biggie! Your bedroom should be a place where you can throw your body out and unwind from life.  Follow the following ideas and make your room as comfortable as possible.

Pile on some alluring pillows: You can make your room much more relaxing simply by adding a few extra pillows.

Have luxurious covers: Be it a bed sheet or the cover of your upholstery, if nicely added, it will make your room a retreat.

Get a comfortable couch or a chair: Even though couches might be a bit heavy on your wallet, it’s always good to have one. Tuck it into a corner of the room and create an instant resting spot. To add life in it, you can surround it with some silk drapes.