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Turn Your Exterior Into an Alfresco Family Room

outdoor exterior and furnishings

Being in sync with nature nourishes your soul…

Isn’t it a nice idea to turn the exterior of your house into an uber cool family room? Rather than just adding another routine room to your home, sometimes you can be a bit more creative, and enhance the visual appeal of your exterior atmosphere. This concept is much cheaper than adding an extra room, and considered a sound investment for open air living.

You need to have judicious reallocation of resources, when it comes to transitioning to exterior living. First and foremost, your outdoor living area needs to be outfitted by some comfy and durable furnishings.  Let’s take a glance at some of the most important things that you need to consider when opting for outdoor furnishings.

 Quality comes second to none:

While purchasing outdoor furniture, you need to give the utmost priority to thorough inspection. You don’t want the furniture to have some sloppy welds, cracked casters or amateurish paint finishes.

Everything depends on how you initiate this project. If you take outdoor decorations as somewhat less important than the usual interior stuff, you will certainly end up with mediocre results. To be honest, the reverse is often true. The items you keep outside have to stand up to excess sun exposure, heavy rain, wind and continuous snowfall. So, the quality of the outdoor materials has a major role to play.

Know the function of each material

Basically, there are two major things you need to consider while deciding the materials, which would complement your outside environment. First, the way you plan on using your furniture, second, the time you set aside for maintaining it.

Some materials, such as plastic or light aluminum chairs are rust-resistant and easy to move here and there. Not to forget the easy maintenance. On the other side, cedar seats are very sturdy but require extra efforts for maintenance.  Even the exposure to excess sunlight can cause various problems down the line.  So, let’s learn a bit more about the function of each of these types.

Plastic, PVC and aluminum: They are lightweight, relatively cheaper, rustproof, and demand very little weather treating. They can be washed easily by using a little soap and water.

Wrought iron and steel: They are sturdy and heavy. You need to paint or make them weatherproof, to protect them from rusting.

Wood: There is no denying the fact that wood materials have timeless appeal and can complement any type of exterior. However, they will also require regular treatment with a preservative and UV protection.  Weather-resistant woods, such as redwood, teak, cypress and cedar can really come in handy, if you want to stay out of too much of maintenance.

Wicker, rattan and natural glasses: Natural materials like these are perfect, as  long as the looks and durability of your exterior are concerned. Even better, if you could treat them with a resin finish, and do weatherproofing every couple of years.

The shade!

During summer, sitting outside can get really unpleasant, esp. if your furniture isn’t situated in the shade.  Take a chill pill! There are many options that you can go with. Apart from having a big tree around, you can consider adding a shade cover to get rid of this issue.  Be it a motorized awning, crank-deployed umbrella, a permanent wood or fiberglass roof over your deck – you can choose the best option depending on your need or taste.

Lush and Plush

When you spend too much time and money on this venture, it is obvious that you would expect something big. But what is it? Homely comforts may be?

By adding some soft, plush cushions, you can make the most out of your outdoor furniture.  But don’t opt for pancake cushions that aren’t plush and pliable. Go with chubby cushions that feel right when you hold them.

Other ideal approach would be looking for cushions with polyester filter.  As a matter of fact, the springier the filter is, the faster it will dry out after exposure to moisture. This also means that it will resist mold and mildew with sweet smell for a long time.

When you are purchasing cushions, make sure that they can be unzipped and taken apart for frequent repair, airing or replacement. You can also find different furniture outfitted with cushions and upholstery that you can turn and flip.


Since warm days are right here, there can’t be any better season to take this project forward. Are you ready?

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  1. I have to admit the fact that nothing meets quality. Never knew unzipping cushion was a must option. I hardly do that. But I will definitely put this into action now 🙂

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