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Must Know Tips Before You Buy Curtains…

Buying curtains seems to be an easier task, just do some measuring, visit the store and choose the curtain you would like. It may not be as easy as you think. Various factors might come into action that you would like to keep in mind to buy the right curtain for you. If you are thinking of having a new curtain, you might be concerned about following things:


  1. Length

The length of your curtain depends upon the stuffs that are near to your window. If your window is out of stuffs you might look for long curtain whereas stuffs like bed, tables, sink near window of your kitchen, short length curtains would be better.


  1. Style

The style of your curtains depends totally on the style of your rooms or the way you want to style your rooms. If you have classy rooms, you would like to have simple curtains or airy curtains and if you room is filled up with bright designs you must probably go for heavy drapes.


  1. Fabric

The choice of fabric depends upon what type of people you are residing with. If you have children or two, then you would want to go with a curtain that takes of stains easily. And if you and elderly members are only residing than you might want to go for silky curtains. Every fabric has its own merits and demerits. Choosing the right color and patterns for fabrics suits your decor. Various types of fabric are available such as sheer, light, medium and heavy weight.


  1. Curtain Headers

A curtain buying is also categorized by curtain headers, which help a customer make their mind whether a rod or track will be used to hang curtains. Curtains are available in various types of headers according to customer’s desire and designs.


  • Pencil Pleat

These are the traditional and contemporary decors in which scrunched material at the top is perfectly attached to a track.


  • Eyelet

These curtains are made using leather or cloth. First, a hole is made, and then, a piece of thread, lace, rope or string is inserted through it. The curtain is the hanged.


  • Tab Top

These curtains are basically simple curtains that are separated from rod or pole with the help of stripes made by piece of cloth. The tabs are exposed loop that separates the curtains.


  1. Rod

Curtain rods are sometimes more costly than that of curtains itself. This might totally affect your budget. Classic rod might be the cheapest one. But if you want your curtain rods to be most stylish, then you can go for return rod and track rod.


  1. Rod Color

It isn’t usually the big difference maker. But the color of the rod must match with the curtains and should not be vibrant colored. It is best to use single color simple colored rods.


  1. Tie backs

If you are looking to buy curtains that need to be slide to be open, then you are good to go; but if you don’t want to slide open your curtains full, then you have to spend some additional amount on the backs that comes in various designs and colors that you might prefer.


  1. Window Size

Do not ever guess your window size. It might be troublesome if the sized doesn’t match exactly. So just measure the width and height of your window to get the curtains perfectly matching your window.


These are the things you must consider when you are thinking of having a curtain. With these facts, you will get perfectly suited and perfectly matched curtains for your decor.

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