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Top 4 Maintenance Tips for Upholstered Furniture in 2020

Upholstered furniture enhances the décor of your interior in a way typical wooden or metal furniture cannot. The difficult part, however, about bringing home upholstered furniture is that it needs a higher degree of care than its counterparts. If you have upholstered furniture which has become excessively dirty, all you have to do is go through these simplest tips to get that previous spark.

1) Manufacturer’s instructions


No one knows the product better than the manufacturer. Therefore, it would be wise to follow the instructions prescribed by the them. You can find these care label behind cushions or on the bottom of the furniture frame. The information stated will tell you the most suitable method of cleaning and what cleaning reagents, like detergents or cleaning solvents, are best for it.

2) Fabric

Not only does fabric contribute to the appearance of any furniture, it has a significant role to play in the protection of upholstered furniture. There are different varieties of fabrics available in the market, with each having its own distinctive attributes. Hence, you will need to be very careful while selecting the one suitable for your purpose. Fibers like rayon, polyester, nylon provide a good deal of resistance to usual wear and tear. Others like cotton and leather are more aesthetically pleasant.

3) Avoid sunlight

Keep your furniture away from the harmful effects of sunlight and spills as far as possible. The intense sun can cause your favorite color of furniture to fade if exposed to direct sunlight over a long period. To make things worse, the continuous exposure and, as a result, the extreme temperature can make your fabric more fragile and vulnerable to wear and tear. It is best to place your furniture in the rear side of your window to prevent the ultraviolet rays from reaching the furniture.

4) Vacuuming and brushing

If you are lazy about vacuuming or brushing, then you will not be able to stop the accumulation of dust and dirt spoiling your furniture piece. Even if you cannot do it on regular basis, have it done at least once a week. This will, for sure, help you to keep the furniture as new as it was on Day One. However, proper care should be given while brushing to ensure that it is not going hard and rigid to cause unwanted wear and tear of the fabric.

While proper cleaning and regular maintenance will help to keep up your upholstered furniture at its best for extended period of time, it is also recommended to apply the above tips.

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