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Interior Color and How it Affects Your Mood

Color has a power to style up and modify the appearance and size of furnishings as well as the structure of the room itself. Choosing a color for your interior is a daunting process, especially if you are a beginner. While most of you may not think about your room color, it greatly affects your mood and your thoughts too.

To make a great combination of color in your space, you need to learn some color tricks that can actually influence any feeling from serenity to rage. So when you are trying to create tranquility, choose the shades carefully! When it comes to decoration, you need to blend those colors you like into a pleasing combination. You’ve got to think which colors will help you achieve the best frame of mind with the intention to make a splendid transformation.

Choosing the interior color can be as simple as choosing your outfit color, all it takes is to go through this basic information on color and its psychological effects on your mood.


Let’s start with the color we all are most friendly with – it’s the color of the sky – blue that brings peace and potential to bring down blood pressure, slow respiration as well as heart rate. It is regarded as a soothing effect, so I would recommend painting blue on your bedrooms and bathrooms. Avoid using dark blue shades as it has the ability to evoke grief and may give you just the opposite of the light shade. Stick to lighter shade to give you a serene effect.


Red-Living Room


Red captures a core of intimacy and excitement. It is considered as the color of energy and the symbol of life. It drags people together to have energetic conversations and stimulates appetite especially in the dining room and living room as well. Select red for the most rich and elegant personality for your interior and perceive how it creates a strong impression.



You might think of green as a combination of greed and jealousy but in case of room design, it’s not! It’s actually the calming color that’s very pleasing to the sense, cools down things and allows you to encourage comfort and togetherness. Use green in your living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms for settling down the nerves and implementing a better peace of mind.



The color yellow comes with the joy of sunshine and a feeling of rejoicing. When it comes to room decoration, yellow is just opposite. In reality, this color persuades to lose temper and create feelings of frustrations and anger in many people. On the contrary, it is an ideal shade for kitchens and dining rooms where happy colors are reviving and inspirational.



Purple comes with luxury that gives a deep, rich and sophisticated personality to your room. If you opt for purple in living rooms or bedrooms, make sure you have an interior filled with classy furnishings and fabrics that can match the level of the color.




For those who are thinking what paint best suits the exercise room, orange is the one for you. This color can truly bring out all the emotions needed in workout sessions and fitness routine. So have orange and have liveliness at the same time!


Just as the interior of your home affects your emotions, the color of your upholsteries too play a vital role in affecting your mood. If your furniture needs a change in design, color or pattern, then always remember to upholster furnishing and fabric.