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Custom Upholstery in Nassau County

Buying furniture is a long term investment and requires significant amount of your savings. Why would you buy the one that doesn’t even match your interior? Why buy a design that your neighbor purchased last week? The solution to this is creating your own unique design.

When you decide to create custom-made upholstery for your furniture, the first thing is that you will find a wide range of option, from design to the quality of materials. Depending on where you want to place your furniture, whether it’s your living room or kitchen, you can choose the best design that suits your need.

When it comes to custom upholstery around Nassau County that is not only unique but also matches your interior, Mastercrafts is the best in this business. Just give us a call at 646-262-8200 and specify what you need.

3 benefits of custom upholstery

Unlike mass-produced, personalized sofa upholstery are strong and durable. Since skilled craftsmen use high standard materials, finest quality of wood and are more dedicated in construction, they are more likely to be of superior quality.

When you buy a couch from stores, chances are high that your neighbor has the same upholstery. But when you go custom, you can create your own unique, only-one-of-its-kind design that cannot be found in stores.

This is one of the major benefits of custom-made upholsteries. You might have to pay a little more money in the beginning but soon you will realize that it is more affordable than buying a new one from a branded store.

Why Mastercrafts custom upholstery, Nassau County?

We at Mastercrafts can build exactly to your requirement, color and design. From material selection to installation, our craftsmen will be fully dedicated to make sure that we exceed your expectation. We pride our ability to give life to your imagination.